The Oboe DVD
An Interactive Guide for Sutdents and Teachers
Performance and Analysis

This instructional DVD presents the start-up details for oboe instruction in an interactive format. It is designed for non-oboist teachers as well as beginners on the instrument. Clear verbal, visual, and audio examples take the mystery out of how the oboe works and what one must know and do to play it well. Louie Hall's techniques for the teaching of beginning oboists have proven very effective, and are presented in a most comprehensible way. Learn everything from assembly to embouchure, hand positioning, breathing, playing high and low, tricks for finger action and more. This chapter-by-chapter approach will help any teacher or student through the challenging first steps.

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Special Features
  • Scene Selection
  • Interactive Menus
  • 16 x 9 Format - Enhanced for Widescreen TV's
  • English, Spanish, French and Japanese Audio Tracks


About Louis Hall

Dr. Louis Hall is a native of Rockford, Illinois, and Professor of Oboe and Music Education at the University of Maine's flagship campus in Orono since 1971.  He is an active performer and teacher of the oboe, and studied with Jerry Sirucek of the Chicago Symphony,  Blaine Edlefsen at the University of Illinois, and Joel Evans of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic.

Nearly 40 years of teaching oboe and music education at the University of Maine has enabled for Dr. Hall a profound understanding of what works and what is needed for good oboe instruction. Dr. Hall's vantage point has allowed him to interact not just with the many oboe students coming through his university and private studios, but also with non-oboists in music education woodwinds classes and music educators in the field as well. Louie is very pleased that DVD technology has finally provided the perfect medium for sharing his master teacher expertise with oboe students and teachers around the world.