New Improved Marrs Mutes!


These unique timpani mutes were originally designed for "March" from Elliott Carter's Eight Pieces for Four Timpani. They attach to the counter-hoop of the timpani and are quickly, easily, and quietly flipped up or down with the timpani mallet. The mutes' sizes are proportional to a standard set of four timpani and are numbered on the labels from 1-4 to easily see which mutes goes on which drum.

  • Attach to counter hoop by strong magnets instead of Velcro stripping, with the advantage that you can easily change where you place them on your own drums or apply them quickly to any timpani without having to mess with the Velcro strips.
  • Quieter contact with head when applied.
  • Sturdier so that you can carry them around with your other gear without worrying about them bending out of shape.

See a sample on the Marrs Mutes in Action 

Download Instructions for the old mutes in PDF format.

Download Instructions for the new mutes in PDF format.

Purchase now $65.00