New Improved Marrs Mutes!
Used in "Stuart Marrs on Elliott Carter" 
Four Custom Mutes

These unique timpani mutes were originally designed for "March" from Elliott Carter's Eight Pieces for Four Timpani. They attach to the counter-hoop of the timpani and are quickly, easily, and quietly flipped up or down with the timpani mallet. The mutes' sizes are proportional to a standard set of four timpani. Click on the animation to see the mutes in action.

Attach to counter hoop by strong magnets instead of Velcro stripping, with the advantage that you can easily change where you place them on your own drums or apply them quickly to any timpani without having to mess with the Velcro strips.

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Stuart Marrs on Elliott Carter
Eight Pieces for Four Timpani
Performance and Analysis

Elliott Carter's solo timpani works of the 1960s represent the benchmark upon whose quality all subsequent compositions of this genre have been measured. This DVD combines interactive, multi-angle video performance of the set of eight pieces with an in-depth voice-over performing artist's commentary as well as PDF articles about the works by percussion scholars.

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The Oboe DVD
An Interactive Guide for Sutdents and Teachers
Performance and Analysis

This instructional DVD presents the start-up details for oboe instruction in an interactive format. It is designed for non-oboist teachers as well as beginners on the instrument. Clear verbal, visual, and audio examples take the mystery out of how the oboe works and what one must know and do to play it well. Louie Hall's techniques for the teaching of beginning oboists have proven very effective, and are presented in a most comprehensible way. Learn everything from assembly to embouchure, hand positioning, breathing, playing high and low, tricks for finger action and more. This chapter-by-chapter approach will help any teacher or student through the challenging first steps.

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