Here is what the experts say about Stuart Marrs on Elliott Carter
Eight Pieces for Four Timpani
Performance and Analysis

"What Szeryng did for Bach, Marrs has done for Carter. Just as violinists (or percussionists) aspiring to play the Bach Sonatas and Partitas are compelled to study the Henryk Szerying recordings, percussionists, hoping to master the Carter Eight Pieces for Timpani, must own the Stuart Marrs DVD."

Dan Moore, DMA
Professor of Music/Percussion Area Head
The University of Iowa

"Congratulations to Stuart for a very professional rendition of the Elliott Carter timpani etudes. This DVD is a tremendous resource for percussion education."

Tony Cirone
Chairman, Percussion Department
Jacobs School of Music
Indiana University

Here is the review of the DVD as it appears in the Vol. 44, No. 2 April 2006 issue of Percussive Notes journal of the Percussive Arts Society (page

INSTRUCTIONAL DVD/ VIDEO Stuart Marrs on Elliot Carter Eight Pieces for Four Timpani Stuart Marrs $49.95 Gud Muse What a unique approach to Elliot Carter's "Eight Pieces for Four Timpani"! Stuart Marrs uses his timpani expertise for an excellent performance of all eight pieces. His interpretation of the music shows insight, musicality, sensitivity, and a valid performance approach. This DVD teaches in a short time what may take a teacher hours of demonstration and explanation time. Special features are: artists' commentaries in English, Spanish and French, multiple camera angles for all video or pre-edited camera angle fades, special beating spots on overhead camera angle, and customized metronomics for each metric piece of the music. There are also links to sponsors, a users forum, manuscripts, articles, program notes, and much more. This DVD should be on the shelves of every percussion instructor's studio.
-John H. Beck

"Congratulations on your excellent DVD production of Elliott Carter's Eight Pieces for Four Timpani. Each time I use the DVD I see and hear a different aspect of these pieces. The Carter pieces are the seminal master works of the solo timpani repertoire and you have given THE MASTERFUL performance of them! The fluidity, clarity, and insights of your performance will be the standard for decades to come.

I am using the DVD with my students. It is a valuable study guide as well as a motivational experience for the performance and the sound recording students. This Carter DVD is a superb example of the most positive aspects and use of technology. Congratulations again on this comprehensive endeavor."

Dr. Kay Stonefelt
SUNY Fredonia

Cher Stuart,
J'ai beaucoup apprécié votre travail sur Carter notamment la facilité de votre jeu:
en effet, le fait d'être "relaxé" fait ressortir d'une manière évidente l'expression de cette musique et lui donne sa dimension de pièces de concert. La façon de filmer est très intelligente. Enfin, le fait de jouer sans partition laisse plus de place à l'interprétation.
Bravo à vous !!

Eric Sammut
Principal Timpanist, Orchestre de Paris
Assist. Prof., CNSM, Paris
Prof., CSP de Paris
Prof., CNR de Toulouse
Marimba instructor, Royal Academy of London